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This is the climate era

Many of the world’s brightest minds are working to solve Earth's most urgent challenges. Yet countless carbon and other ecological projects struggle with inconsistent and unclear pathways to market and lack critical funding.
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Structure and certainty for carbon markets

Centigrade creates the fundamental data integrity and transparency required by all actors in the carbon and nature markets - from project owners to communities, governments, buyers, and validation and verification bodies.
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Shorten time to market and deliver at scale

Centigrade’s open data platform will help accelerate the most promising climate projects by making it easier for project developers to:

Define projects and demonstrate value

Achieve legitimacy in the market

Access capital through forwards and advanced market commitments

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Brown and gray rock formation.

Made for project developers

Centigrade is excited to work with all types of carbon and ecological project developers, in particular those that value transparency and can verify their climate impact using the latest scientific methods.
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Unlocking carbon markets with data

Centigrade delivers valuable data to all ecosystem players: global visibility of projects from an early stage, price discovery, due diligence, and credit performance tracking.
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Founding partners

Centigrade has a diverse set of backers–from leading technology companies to the most respected climate advocacy nonprofits in the world–all of which prioritize long-term climate impact.


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